Prepare to Be Blown Away by This Street Performer’s Soccer Skills


For over four minutes, the ball never drops. On his head, back and hands, juggled between his feet, and while walking on his hands, this kid on the streets of southern Germany has soccer skills that would impress David Beckham.

While the young athlete doesn't appear to be stunning the musician beside him, online viewers around the world have taken notice of his talents, as have passersby in the area. The video of his moves was posted on Thursday, and has since caught the attention of Sports Illustrated, Mashable, and the over 250,000 viewers who've watched it.

He doesn't appear to be earning much in his pot; only one woman tosses him a coin, but we hope the future holds more!

Others seem to agree.

"Hopefully this goes viral and the kid gets picked up by the football association!" Aelia Yousaf writes on Mashable.

Evan Castro added, "This kid puts all of those pretty-boy soccer stars to shame."