These Prosthetic Limbs Are Pieces of Art

Living without full use of your limbs is a constant struggle, not just physically, but emotionally. One man is doing his best to make prosthetic limbs that one can take pride in showing to the world.

Reddit user avonelle posted a series of photos of beautifully designed prosthetic limbs made by his friend, a Certified Prosthetic Assistant.

The prosthetic limbs are meant to match the personality of the person wearing them. Though some are more natural - a prosthetic arm for a little baby looks just like the real thing - others are much more eye-catching. Some have intricate designs, while others boast American flags, sports team logos, or feisty pink zebra print.

"As someone who has worn a prosthesis my entire life, I cannot explain what a difference a good, enthusiastic person making these does to your life," commented one Reddit user. "I have had huge chunks of my life limping around in pain because someone phoned it in. On the other hand I have been able to go places and do things I never thought possible because someone took some care and attention in making what is a very personal, individual thing. This really looks like one of the good guys."

Check out more of the man's beautiful work.

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