Return of the G! What an Outkast Reunion Will Almost Definitely Be Like

Outkast 1

Hey Ya, rumor has it that Outkast is getting back together! At least for a moment - one very special moment - in time.

According to Billboard, multiple sources have confirmed The ATLiens Andre 3000 and Big Boi will reunite at Coachella next year ending a hiatus that dates back to 2007. USA Today says that likely they will also perform tour dates (gasp!) following the event. The duo's collaborator Sleepy Brown has been tweeting and Instagramming about it too.

That's enough for us to get excited! Since we've been waiting a whole decade to hear from them (well, unless you count "Idlewild"), the news comes with much delight. In fact, we're ready to dance just thinking about those two dope boyz hosting a "Player's Ball" under a starry night sky.

Here's how we envision this all going down:

Outkast's performance will be the headlining Sunday night set. Coachella likes to make it frustrating for those of us who have jobs.

The performance starts late because concerts are never on time, and Big Boi got cold feet last minute.

Celebrities are everywhere. Drake, John Legend, Beyonce and Jay Z. Jessica Alba. Of course, Miley. The regulars: Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Jared Leto, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry. And probably Leonardo DiCaprio because he seems like he'd be into it. That means Lukas Haas will be there too.

At last, the lights dim. A beat, some low brass and a little drawl, the reunited Outkast opens with "Player's Ball." There's really no other way to do it. You can't hear it unfortunately because people are screaming so loud. It's also pretty hard to see, move, and breathe.

Outkast 2

After the opening, Andre and Big Boi address the crowd. Andre talks the most, but he lets Big Boi get in a few words in so he doesn't get his feelings hurt. They say how good it feels to be back together and that sort of thing.

The duo then runs through a series of some of their best, most underrated songs: "Crumblin' Urb," "E.T. (Extra Terrestrial)" "Elevators (Me & You)" and "Jazzy Belle." They have to do these early so that the fair weather fans will be forced to listen if they want to hear "Hey Ya."

Finally, they play "Rosa Parks," and everyone goes bananas because it was on the radio.

This leads into "Hey Ya" or "The Way You Move" or both to get those out of the way.

Next, Outkast eases back into classics with "So Fresh, So Clean." People throw an arm around in the air to be more rap-centric.

After a brief pause to mix a drink, Outkast brings out Cee Lo and Erykah Badu to surprise everyone with a performance of "Liberation." People are super excited to see Cee Lo because he was on "The Voice." Erykah and Cee Lo also do this unique duet fill-in for Marsha Ambrosius' part on "Da Art of Storytellin' 4." A lot of people think it's a new song.

Outkast 3

The guest artists exit. Andre performs a Jimi Hendrix track to promote his new movie. Then, Kendrick Lamar comes out because you pretty much have to have him in everything now. He and Andre do this amazing rendition of "B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe" and Erykah comes in on the hook.

Big Boi does his obligatory performance of "Shutterbug." He feels better about the whole situation.

Andre rejoins him, and they announce they're working on a new album. This may or may not be a good thing, but still, we're really happy.

Outkast 3

A brass band appears from behind a curtain to jam out to "Spottieottiedopalicious." Finally! This is the best part of the entire concert.

Outkast ends the show with "2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac." There is probably a real caddy waiting outside to drive them to their hotel. Actually, separate ones, and they're at different hotels. Leo's going to join them for the after party. So is Miley.

After exiting the stage, the lights go out, and the crowd begins the necessary chant for an encore. It takes a little longer than usual because Big Boi thought they were finished. At last, there's the sound of a hymnal.

Andre starts talking about texting a girl he used to see, and with that, the two resurface in the spotlight to perform "Int'l Players Anthem." The Dungeon Family is with them. It HAS to happen this way.

Cee Lo comes out too because he's still hanging out backstage. They perform "B.O.B," "Mrs. Jackson," and "Ain't No Thang." It's complete madness.

Andre and Big Boi conclude with "Aquemini" so that we remain hopeful their partnership will go on forever.

The show ends. It takes forever to get out, but we're all reveling in an OutKast-created daze so we don't care. They're practically still performing in our heads.

Outkast 4

Anyhow, that about sums it up