These Robotic Dancers Will Blow Your Mind

Robots are taking over the world. First, Daft Punk wins a bucket full of Grammys, and now these three masked automatons are giving new meaning to the phrase "do the robot."

This skilled trio is part of Remote Kontrol, a dance crew from Atlanta, GA. The dancers utilize robotic movements and intricate choreography to create unbelievably impressive dance numbers, like the one above.

The team has appeared on "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "America's Got Talent," and were on "Ellen," too! Dance crew member Marquese Scott - also known as Nonstop - appeared on the show in 2011 after a video of his impressive dubstep-scored moves went viral. He came back a few years later to deliver an awesome performance with a sign-spinner that puts all other sign-spinners to shame.

Check out more of their mechanical moves on their YouTube channel.

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