How to Run a Lemonade Business in 2014

If you want to sell lemonade these days, you're going to have to adapt to current markets or prepare for bankruptcy. Case in point: these two little girls in San Francisco who are now accepting payment for their drinks and treats in the form of bitcoins.


The photo of their stand was posted by Reddit user Dorkus Prime, who bought snickerdoodles from the girls and evidently had a bitcoin available for purchase. The shop is called "Mia and Taylor's Coffee Shoppe," and according to Buzzfeed, it's located in Noe Valley. As bitcoins are essentially virtual money, the girls have also set up a QR code on the side of their mini shop to make the transfer, and have brought in nearly $100 in profit so far.

Actually, they've earned a fraction of one bitcoin, which comes to just over $70. This was confirmed by someone on Reddit, and definitely not us. A user tracked the banking details through the QR code, and found that a portion of the money has come from Redditors, who've offered donations to the young entrepreneurs.


Future lemonade sellers, take note:

1. Obviously, you're going to need to learn what a bitcoin is.

2. Adjust for inflation. A glass of lemonade that used to go for 50 cents on the streets (a dime in small towns), now sells for a dollar.

3. Provide samples in the form of damaged goods. It's marketing that doesn't hurt your bottom line. Everyone wins!

4. Lemonade is not enough. You need cookies and coffee if you're going anywhere, and vegan alternatives wouldn't hurt.

5. If you're cute and inventive, you don't even need to sell anything to make money.

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