The San Antonio Spurs Know How to Rep the Military

Spurs New Look

The San Antonio Spurs gave a nod to those in uniform with their military-inspired getups in honor of servicemen and women in the Armed Forces.

Officially unveiled on Thursday, Spurs guard Danny Green and forward/guard Kawhi Leonard donned the new camo-inspired basketball attire, which is part of the Adidas and NBA Pride Uniform Collection inspired by each team's core identity.

Since Texas is the hub of all things military, the concept seems appropriate.

The Spurs will debut their new garb on Nov. 13 when they play the Washington Wizards, and reappear on Feb. 28 for a "Military Appreciation Night" contest against the Charlotte Bobcats.

If you really love the look, the uniforms will be up for grabs. Fans attending the Wizards game will have an opportunity to bid on the game-worn camouflage jerseys in a post-game auction to benefit youth programs; new additions can be purchased online.

We know Twitter is excited! Our only wish is that they'd wear it during a Heat game.

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What do you think of the team's latest look?

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