The Science of Getting Out of School... By Some Kid in New York

Dear Kids Everywhere and Probably Teachers Too,

If you're hoping for a snow day, it is now within your power to make it happen. A fifth-grader in New York, who chose not to reveal his name as it would only lead to unnecessary media exposure, revealed an intricate, albeit bizarre formula he devised to ensure that he would get out of going to school this week.


In an interview with NBC New York, the young boy explained the methodology in detail, and we have thoughtfully laid it out for you here:

Step One: Throw three ice cubes in each toilet of your house.

Step Two: Prior to retiring for the night, put your pajamas on inside out and backward.

Step Three: Put a spoon under your pillow.

Step Four: Before you get in bed, walk around with your shoes on backward. Specifically, walk around "like how old you are" (no further explanation provided).

According to the boy, if you follow this plan, school will be cancelled the next day. You can watch the fullinterview here.

Please note, these findings have not been tested by any government agency, so proceed at your own risk. Also, neither the boy nor the Good News blog can be held accountable for anything that happens with the spoon.

Hope this helps, kids!

One thing the youngster did fail to mention is that you must also follow this plan in the middle of a giant blizzard.


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