Smile! This Family is About to Get Some Exciting News

This family gets one surprise they'll never forget.Heather and Mike wanted to tell their huge family that they were expecting, but they knew it would be nearly impossible to get everyone's attention all at once. They decided to make their good news announcement a surprise… by revealing it during a family photo!

Heather set up a video camera next to her brother-in-law's digital camera, set to automatically take several consecutive photos after a 10-second delay. Right before the pics were snapped, Mike revealed he and Heather were pregnant, and the whole family's happy reactions were caught on camera!

"The seconds afterward were priceless as no one expected the awesome news," Heather tells us. "They actually thought we were joking! I love this video and photo so much."

If you have some good news you'd like the world to know about, send in a video of your special moment and let everyone share in your happiness!