This Snow Shark is the Best Thing to Come Out of This Freezing Winter

The whole country is suffering one of the chilliest winters in recent history, but the plus side is that there's enough snow on the ground to create monster-sized sculptures like this one!

Teenage brothers Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz from New Brighton, Minnesota logged 95 hours creating this massive snow shark on their front lawn in a project that took nearly a month to complete.

The trio's frosty carnivorous fish is 16 feet tall and is incredibly detailed - they even put in rows of sharp teeth!

"We like to see people's enjoyment, and we like to see people smile, take pictures," Connor told CBS Minnesota.

The Bartz brothers have been making impressive snow sculptures the last few winters. Last year, they created this amazing snow walrus:

The year before that, they created a blowfish out of a giant snowball - and added snow spikes to keep predators away:

Check out a time lapse of the brothers building their snow shark on their YouTube channel. We'll be sad to see it melt away when springtime rolls around.

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