Can Someone Help This Dad Cut Down a Christmas Tree?

"Why it's not going down?" A little girl asks her father, as he desperately tries to chop down the family's Christmas tree.

When we say desperately, we mean head under the branches, body smashed on the dirt, arms axing like it's the last tree in the entire forest and blessed by angels desperately.


He wiggles, his legs fly, he pauses to laugh. The tree doesn't budge.

"It's not falling down, daddy," the little girl reminds him.

"Thank you," he replies.

Apparently, buying the holiday sapling at a lot isn't quite authentic enough. Rest assured, this dad WILL get the tree down, but it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. Especially since mom's too busy chuckling while filming the whole experience to lend a hand.

"I see daddy's butt," the little girl points out.

"I know," mom admits, through her chortling. "Me too."

Dad definitely deserves a glass of eggnog for this one.


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