Watch Teenager Morph Into Man While Lip-Synching Queen in Awesome Time-Lapse Video

How many people actually keep a New Year’s resolution for a full 365 days? Not many. But Matt Perren, a student at Worthing College in the U.K., took his resolution even further than that, sticking with a project for an impressive three years. Starting on Jan. 1, 2011, Perren took a selfie every day and compiled the photos to create a time-lapse/stop-motion-style video of himself lip-synching Queen’s tune “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Inspired by Noah Kalina’s viral self-portrait series and Internet sensation MysteryGuitarMan, Perren started the project when he was 15 years old and, during the almost two-minute-long YouTube clip, he eventually ages into an adult, at 18 years old. At that point, the video — which was uploaded Jan. 5 and has already been viewed nearly 700,000 times — doesn’t miss a beat and reverses into a Benjamin Button-esque effect, ending with Perren back at 15. Some commenters have pointed out the fact that Perren only wears two different T-shirts in the video spanning three years, leading others to question the video’s authenticity, but his changing hairstyles seem to prove its legitimacy. And Perren clearly goes from boy to grown-up, with his features maturing over time.

As for the song, Perren tells Yahoo Shine he chose a classic that everyone would know so his video wouldn’t just be a flash in the pan. “I wanted to use a song which would be known by people of all ages. If I'd chosen to use a new popular song, it would end up being some three-year-old throwaway by the time I'd finished,” he says. Check out the time-lapse video for yourself, and prepare to be amazed at Perren’s perseverance. Maybe his persistence will even serve as inspiration to stick to your own 2014 goals ... even just for one year.