When Times Get Cold, This Good Samaritan Will Jump-Start Your Car for Free

Superman. MacGyver. Wall-E. Brad McCorkle. They're all do-gooders, but McCorkle is the only one making news these days.


The car salesman at 4th Avenue Auto Sales in Moline, Illinois took it upon himself Monday to help those in need during the "polar vortex" by jump-starting cars whose batteries died... and he did it all free of charge.

After reading about one friend with a car dilemma on Facebook, McCorkle wrote up a post announcing he would be driving around all day to help those stranded, and that they should simply call up the shop if they required assistance.

A few minutes later, the phone began ringing, and it never stopped.

"It turned into complete chaos," Chris Sunken, McCorkle's colleague and co-helper, tells us. "We ended up about three of us out doing it."


Sunken says the temperatures that day were the coldest the town had seen in 20 years, hitting 18 degrees below zero with wind chill around 35 and 40 degrees below. While Sunken was stationed at the office taking calls, McCorkle made the rounds, receiving updates via text of more people who needed service.

The team of three, which also included Lisa Rubio, made it to at least 25 people throughout the day.

"One lady said she was a nurse and had to get somewhere," Sunken recalls. "She was so excited over it all… she thought we were so generous, she called the local news station."

Though some tried to offer the team money, they refused. McCorkle and his assistants felt it was simply something they should do to give back.


Sunken notes, "We got hugs, smiles. They said we were lifesavers and that people don't do that thing anymore. It turned into a real fun day seeing all those smiling faces. I told Brad it was the hardest day I've ever had to work because I've never answered the phone that much."

In an interview with WQAD News, McCorkle commented that his parents taught him to always help people, and that his goal was to reach everyone by the end of his shift. Those who were offered assistance expressed much gratitude.

"I'm so thankful, it was so nice for him to come and do that for free," one woman told the outlet. "I just love him. He's an angel." Another added, "That's what struck me right there, that he was willing to do that to give back to the community. I think it's a great thing that he's doing especially out here in this awful weather."

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