It Took 46 Years for This Couple to Get Married

Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones celebrate their long overdue wedding.Same-sex marriage is finally legal in New Jersey, and we're in the mood to celebrate love! There's no better example of a couple that deserves to get married than Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones.

Lewis and Billy's relationship and wedding were profiled in The New York Times in a beautiful video capturing the love they've shared for over four decades. The two have been together for 46 years, even during Billy's deployment to Vietnam. The two stayed in touch by writing letters to one another every day - though they had to make sure their feelings stayed clandestine by using code words and changing genders.

Lewis and Billy have lived their lives together, having children and now grandchildren. They were finally able to legally wed when the Marriage Equality Act was passed in New York in July.

"Being married now, nothing really feels different," says Lewis. "It's an enhancement to the relationship that we had."

Watch these two happy husbands' beautiful video profile from The New York Times, here.