Two Fishermen Save a Killer Whale’s Life

You'd think humans would steer clear of a killer whale in their sights, but these two fishermen stopped at nothing to help an animal in need.

Jason Vonick and Nick Segal were shrimping in Klakass Bay on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska when they came across a whale stuck in a rock formation. The whale was attempting to catch a seal during low-tide, but then couldn't swim out.

Jason and Nick did their best to help the massive animal, keeping her cool by pouring water on her back and fins. Two other whales circled the men, perhaps wary of their intentions with their friend.

"When the tide came in, she could not hold her head above water and started to drown and made terrible noises and began to panic," said the fishermen of their YouTube video of the incident.

After four hours of attempting to free the orca, they finally succeeded in getting her back into the water by using their oars to pry her off the rock.

Watch video of their lifesaving ordeal right here. We're sure that whale would thank these two heroes if she could!

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