If These Walls Could Meow – Trapped Kitten Rescued from a Very Strange Place

Airport ceilings, subway tracks -- we're consistently surprised at all the bizarre, inconvenient locations cats can crawl into and need to be saved from.

Paula Tiberius and her husband Richard discovered that a stray cat had given birth to a litter near their house. That's when the meowing began, as one of the kittens had somehow found its way into their home.

The meowing was constant, loud and could be heard everywhere in their house. They figured out that the kitten must be in the attic, and the sound was spreading through the vents. After one particularly loud night of meowing, Paula went up to the attic the next morning to find the cat, but the animal was nowhere to be seen, and now the meowing was coming from a different location.

Paula, Richard, her sister Kiry and her daughter Violet all tracked the noise and realized it was coming from behind the wall in their hallway. They cut a hole in the wall, and a weak, injured kitten slowly poked its head out.

The tiny animal was covered in fleas and had scabs around his eyes. They gave him a bath, and plucked the fleas from his skin. Paula then drove to the vet, where the stray was given de-worming medication and eye ointment.

The kitten, who was named Valentino due to a heart-shaped spot on his head, is now safely in the hands of an organization called Petopia. He'll be fostered, will socialize with other kittens, and then put up for adoption.


We're so happy that Paula was able to save this adorable feline from a short life stuck behind a wall - and that she can finally get a good night's sleep, too.

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