Watch This Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Slowly Realize She’s Being Proposed To

This public proposal at a Chicago Bulls game is as adorable as they come.

Chicago Bulls "Luvabull" cheerleader Ariana Rosado was performing with her teammates during the third quarter of a recent Bulls game. The upbeat dance music suddenly switches to Bruno Mars' "Marry You," and her teammates drift away, leaving Rosado the only one dancing.

She stops, not realizing what's going on, despite the fact that this particular Bruno Mars song always precedes a proposal. The cheerleader is then led to a seat center court by the Bulls mascot, and her teammates dance around her as she looks on in confusion.

A man in an inflatable Bulls costume enters the court, and soon reveals himself to be Rosado's boyfriend of two years, Shane Zackery. He approaches his shocked girlfriend, gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry him. She obviously says yes, because we wouldn't be sharing this story if it were anything but a happy ending for this cute couple!

Rosado said on her Facebook page that her proposal "has now become the best moment of [her] life." We can see why!

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