This Wedding Proposal Brought to You by Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is amazing as Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad," but the actor's cameo in a super sweet proposal might be our favorite thing the actor has ever appeared in.

Jason Lord was planning to propose to his girlfriend of three years, Jackie Prater, and wanted to give her a surprise she'd never forget.

First, he got all of their friends to join him in a passionate performance of Mr. Big's "To Be with You," the cheesy love song from the early '90s that the couple sang together during a night of karaoke on one of their first dates.

After Jason performed the number to a laughing Jackie, he had an even bigger surprise in store for her. Jason won a personalized video from Aaron Paul, Jackie's favorite actor, after donating to Paul's wife's charity, The Kind Campaign. He used this opportunity to have the actor film a recording that would precede his proposal.

"Hi Jackie," said Paul in a video projected on a screen for Jackie, who was shocked to see the star address her personally. "I just wanted to send you a message on behalf of my good friend Jason - I think you know him - who I understand has a very important question to ask you."

Jason got down on one knee and proposed to a crying Jackie. She said yes! Their happy moment was followed by another message from Paul.

"Oh, I hope you said yes!" he said. "If you didn't, it'd be pretty awkward for everyone involved. Good luck to you two, I couldn't be happier for you."

Congrats to the couple on their engagement - and their amazing proposal story, too.

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