You Won’t Believe Colin Farrell’s Surprise Friendship with a Hollywood Icon

Colin Farrell has a reputation for being a lothario, but one of the most meaningful relationships he ever had was a platonic one with a legendary Hollywood actress in the last few years of her life.

While appearing on "Ellen" to discuss his new movie, "Saving Mr. Banks," the actor touched on his unlikely friendship with none other than Elizabeth Taylor, that began after he bumped into her team at a Los Angeles hospital in 2009.

Farrell was at Cedars-Sinai for the birth of his son Henry, and she was there for a medical procedure. This chance encounter between two actors from different generations blossomed into a beautiful friendship that would last the rest of Taylor's life. She passed at age 79 in 2011, and Farrell even read a poem at her funeral.

"I just adored her," he tells Ellen about Elizabeth. "She was just a spectacular, spectacular woman."

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