Young Singer's Astounding Performance is the Reason This YouTube Video Got 11 Million Hits in 5 Days

In an Internet practically manufacturing covers of "Let It Go," 11-year-old Lexi Walker and the One Voice Children's Choir managed to stand alone with their rendition, a video reenactment with a tribal spin that amassed nearly 11 million views on YouTube over the weekend.

The standout element of the "Frozen" homage is undoubtedly Lexi's stunning voice, which seems destined for Broadway. While she's only been performing professionally for less than a year, the young ingénue says learning the song was easy (she'd heard it often), and more impressively, it only took 45 minutes of recording to perfect the beautiful rendering.

Lexi recalls a childhood filled to the brim with music. "I've been singing for as long as I can remember, but I've only been performing since last May," she tells the Good News Blog. "Music has always been in my family, my sister sings, my grandma sings, everyone sings."

Based in Midville, Utah, the middle-schooler began making waves on YouTube last year with her debut performance singing the National Anthem at Real Salt Lake's soccer matchup with Vancouver in May. The performance went viral on YouTube, as did her cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," a special performance for USANA's 2013 International Convention in Salt Lake City.

The USANA event organizer wrote on the post, "I've been producing entertainment for this event for eight years and we've had a lot of young talented people onstage, but never a voice like Lexi's. The audience went crazy! It's hard to believe she's only 11 years old."


Also hard to believe, Lexi has only been taking voice lessons for six months.

"I've always loved the performing arts," she remarks. "I love the message that's in songs… that the world is so fun."