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One of the most difficult tasks you will face in decorating your home will be choosing a paint color. This is the main reason many homeowners choose to leave their walls white or paint them a neutral color. Many people are simply stumped when it comes to choosing a paint color they feel they will be able to live with on a daily basis. Paint colors that energize are a popular choice, as they help get your mind ready to face a busy day. Today we'll discuss energizing paint colors that will work in various rooms in the home, and prove to be fun and exciting to use in decorating your home.

Let's begin by examining the full spectrum of energizing paint colors and discuss the options within each one. Don't be afraid to try a bright color on the walls. You can always tone down the color with the furniture and accessories you add to the rest of the room. And remember, energizing paint colors don't have to be bold and "in your face." Muted tones can work to elevate the mood too!

Yellow - When you consider colors that energize, virtually everyone will think of yellow first. Yellow is the color of the sun which we look to as a source of energy, mood elevation, and overall good health. Yellow is the color of blooming flowers, the color of spring, and is associated with the refreshing scent of lemons, which is commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood and enhance energy. Yellow makes people feel happy, it makes them smile, and is a great color to use in the kitchen, entryway, home gym, playroom, nursery, sunroom, mudroom, bathroom, bedroom, living room.... virtually anywhere is a good place for this fun color!

Red - The color red is exciting, bold, and can be used to stimulate the body and mind. So many people are afraid of this color family, but red is beautiful! You don't have to use fire engine red to receive the energizing benefits of this bold color - there are many shades and tones of red that will look gorgeous in your home. The color red evokes many different moods and responses, one of the most common is stimulation. Use red in the dining room or kitchen to stimulate hunger. Use red in the bedroom to stimulate passion. Use red in the home gym to stimulate movement. Use red in the office to stimulate productivity. But be careful. The color red has been known to also stimulate heart rate and a rise in blood pressure.

Blue - Blue is a tricky color to work with when decorating your home because it can be used to both calm the senses and excite them. Various shades of blue work differently, so choosing a paint color in the blue family can be deceiving. Pale blues and sky blues are used to set a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere, while vibrant blues do just the opposite. Cobalt blue, for example, will invigorate the mind and enhance mood. To prove this point, consider the popular color combination of cobalt blue and bright yellow on various dinnerware patterns, and on many kitchen backsplash designs.

Orange - The color orange is, arguably, one of the least popular options when choosing a paint color. Most people avoid it like the plague. Yet, orange is an energizing paint color that looks fabulous in many rooms of the home, and is often misunderstood. Orange is the of the sunset, the color of earth, the color of the same fragrant fruit that is often used in aromatherapy to energize the body and mind. Orange stimulates the appetite, making it a wonderful choice for the dining room or kitchen.

Additional ideas for decorating your home with energizing paint colors -

1. If the idea of using too much color frightens you, try breaking it up by painting just the upper half of the wall with an energizing paint color, and the bottom with a neutral.

2. Paint the bottom portion of the wall with a bold color, and wallpaper the upper portion with a pattern that coordinates.

3. Install bead board or white paneling at the bottom section of the wall, and paint the upper portion with a bright color.

4. Paint one full wall with a bold energizing color, and use this as your accent wall. The remaining walls around it can be painted a neutral shade. The pull the room together with accent pieces and furnishings.

5. Enhance whatever color you place in the room by choosing a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint. These paints reflect light and look shiny in appearance. (A particularly good choice for kid's rooms or high-traffic areas)

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