Facebook profile pictures the opposite sex finds irritating

Although Facebook is used primarily for communicating with friends, many also use the information and pictures on their profile to attract their crush or a new interest. Looks are what initially grab a person's attention, but in an effort to appear sexy, beautiful, or interesting, some have pictures of themselves that could end up having the opposite effect -- there are both men and women who get completely turned off and irritated by certain poses and expressions in photos. If you're trying to attract someone and you do one of the following poses, you may want to skip them in favor of something else.

The pointing picture

I never understood this pose and it's typically guys who I see doing this. What exactly are they pointing at -- the camera, the person taking the picture, a hot girl, their reflection in the lens? The double point is even worse where both arms are straight out or one arm is straight out and the other is pulled back. I don't know one woman who is going to say that the way a guy points is really sexy.

Duck face

Ahh the duck face -- a cross between a kissy face and pout. Girls are typically the culprits of this, and if you ask guys which pose they find most irritating, chances are they're going to say this one. Some of us have done this unintentionally, but if you're like me, you look at the photo in shame and delete it immediately. However, there are some who think it makes their lips look extra pouty and their cheekbones stick out further. Let's leave the duck face to our feathered friends, shall we?

Self-taken mirror picture

This was the quintessential MySpace picture and it's transitioned over to Facebook. I get it -- sometimes you want to take a picture of your new haircut or outfit to show some friends and you can't get the full view any other way. If that's the case it's one thing, but other than that many think self-taken mirror pictures are just irritating. Either there's a giant white flash, the camera is in front of the person's face, or it's to the side which typically causes the person to have an odd expression from trying to look at the camera while taking the picture. The usual background view is of the toilet or the mess on the bedroom floor, although I do enjoy the pictures where the person is trying to look sexy and there's something visible in the background that definitely shouldn't be there.

Shirtless self-taken photos

Many women hate the shirtless self-taken photos that guys do just about as much as guys hate duck face photos. The guy is either shirtless or he's wearing a tank and lifting it up just enough so you can see his stomach. He may be the sweetest person, but I often hear women say, judging by photo alone, that any guy who has this type of photo comes off as a narcissistic d-bag. We get it guys, you're proud of your abs and you're trying to show them off, but you're probably turning more women off with the photo than attracting them.

Kissy face

Some find it off-putting when women do the kissy face, but when guys do it the irritation level skyrockets. If a guy is going to kiss a loved one in the photo it's one thing, but other than that it just looks absolutely ridiculous. It's even worse when the guy is wearing lip gloss while he's puckering up for the camera and trying to look tough at the same time.

You probably don't choose your profile picture based on what would attract someone, but regardless, people tend to find others more attractive when they're smiling than if they're doing one of the aforementioned poses or expressions. If you want to look great in a picture, don't try so hard to do it. Relax and just have fun rather than worrying about how you're going to look.

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