10 iconic beauties (and how to get their looks)

If a century of Hollywood superstars has taught us anything, it's how to covet glamorous hair and makeup-celebrities have spent years testing out lip colors and hair styles which has translated to true beauty inspiration for the rest of us. And, though the stars have an army of professionals to get them ready for close-ups, with the right tools and a little persistence, the following iconic looks can be achieved at home with no assistance at all.

Photo by Getty ImagesPhoto by Getty ImagesLiz Taylor's mega-lashes
Tools: false eye-lashes, manicure scissors, black eye-liner pencil, smudge tip brush, mascara

For Liz's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" look, it's all about the eyes, and the secret weapon here? False eye-lashes. For this extra-feminine effect, pick up a pair of false lashes along with some manicure scissors. Trim the extensions to a quarter of the size in width, cutting at the lash band. Then set aside.

Now take eyeliner and draw a thin black line on your upper lids starting with the corners, thickening the line as you move outward. With the corner of a makeup sponge, lightly smudge the liner so it will blend with the band line of the fake lashes. Next, dot the band of your faux lashes with lash glue and grip by the lash with a tweezer. Using your liner as a guide, place the glue side as close to your lash line at the outer corners as possible, smoothing onto your lid with your pinky finger. Expert tip: The lashes should start at the outside corners of your eyes and only reach about a quarter of the way into your lid. Let dry a few seconds and then finish by sweeping dark, thick mascara to the upper lids to blend in your natural lashes. Finally, dust a neutral pink or taupe color over your lids, starting from the inside corners and sweeping up to your brow line. Voila! Instant movie star!

Audrey Hepburn's upsweep
Tools: rubber band, bobby pins, thin-toothed comb or teasing brush

Poised, elegant and flawless are all words that come to mind when describing Hepburn's classic high bun. But easy as well? "Absolutely," says hair guru Jackie Cascarano, Creative Director of Lock & Mane, an online haircare boutique. Here's her how-to: First pull the hair into a high pony and secure with a rubber band, pulling the ends of the tail in opposite directions, until the rubber band sits close to the crown of your head. Then eliminate fly-aways with a maximum hold, high-gloss hairspray to give the look a natural sheen that doesn't appear too product-heavy. Next tease the pony with a teasing brush or comb, combing pieces of hair in upward, quick motions until your pony is voluminous. Then section the hair into three or four pieces (depending on hair's fineness) and pin one section underneath the other with bobby pins until all the pieces are tucked under. Give your bun one last spritz to hold it in place and head to Tiffany's for breakfast.

Photo by Kevin Winter/ Getty ImagesPhoto by Kevin Winter/ Getty ImagesAngelina Jolie's cat eye
Tools: liquid eyeliner, light brown shadow, darker brown or grayish shadow, thickening mascara, eyebrow pencil

Though she's better known for her lush pillow-y lips, Jolie regularly rocks this sexy, classic eyeliner effect. To get it, start by sweeping a light brown shadow on the soft part of your lids. Then apply a slightly darker brown or grayish shadow closer to the brow bone, sweeping outward along the line of your brow. Use liquid liner on your lids and make sure the line is thin. Start from the inner corners of your eyes and move outwards until you reach the outer corners. Finish with a slight sweep of the liner upwards towards your temples for a cat-eye effect. Next apply a layer of thickening mascara evenly over your lashes, and a second layer just on the outer corner lashes to enhance the up-swept liner.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBrooke Shields' full brows
Tools: tweezers, clear mascara, eye-liner (optional)

Brooke's unruly brows are back. In fact they never should have fallen out of favor in the first place if you ask Napoleon Perdis. "Thicker brows make you look younger," writes the beauty maven on his Huffington Post blog. "A high arch adds a youthful, fresh look to any face."

For Brooke's thick line, you may need to grow your over-tweezed brows out first. When they're good and thick, start by plucking any unibrow traces on the bridge of your nose, working backwards until you reach the inner corners of your eyes. You may want to mark just above your brow with an eye-liner pencil (like a surgeon) so you know exactly where you should stop tweezing. As you pluck, use quick motions grabbing one hair at a time to avoid irritation and over-thinning. Don't tweeze any hairs above your brow line. The top of your brow should always remain intact. Finish up with a clear mascara, sweeping brow hairs in an upward motion, giving extra attention to the hairs above the inner corners of your eyes.

Jennifer Lopez's nude lips
Tools: pink-hued gloss or a natural shade lipstick, nude lip-liner, concealer, lip plumper

Just because your lip-color is barely there, doesn't mean your lips have to be. Ask Jennifer Lopez, who has led the charge of nude-colored lips on the red carpet in the last few years. A lip plumper is the key to a full, natural pout. Apply it like a lip balm and let it sit for a few seconds before moving on to a concealer. Dot a makeup sponge with a lightweight concealer that closely matches your skin tone, and buff both top and bottom lips as if you were dotting your face with a powder. This will lock in the natural color you're about to apply.

Next, apply a nude lip-liner around the edges of your lips to create definition. Make sure the point is sharp so the line you draw is thin and exact. (You want to avoid a Kim Mathers thick liner look at all costs!) Finally, apply a nude or "natural" colored lipstick that matches the shade of your own lips. For a shinier look, choose use a clear gloss with a hint of pink.

Farrah Fawcett's sun-kissed skin
Tools: powder bronzer and fluffy blush brush; or gel bronzer and makeup sponge, soft pink blush

The onetime Angel and iconic California girl always glistened like she's just stepped off a beach in Malibu. The trick to getting her look is a good bronzer. Unlike self-tanners, bronzers shouldn't turn your skin orange or make your still-pale neck look like it belongs to another person. A good bronzer that's no more than two shades darker than your own skin tone should give your face a fresh glow and accentuate your bone structure. If you're fair, try a pink palette. If you're olive or dark-skinned, try copper or brown hues. Your complexion also plays a role in choosing the right product: a powder won't cause breakouts on oily skin, while a gel will add moisture to dry skin.

With a powder bronzer, dip your brush into the pot and blow away excess minerals. Then sweep lightly over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. The trick is to apply specifically to places where the sun does shine to enhance natural contours, suggests makeup artist Bobbi Brown in Prevention Magazine. If you're using a gel bronzer, blend on a makeup sponge before applying to your face. Finish by brushing a pink, ruddy blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImagePhoto by Steve Granitz/WireImageHalle Berry's cropped cut
Tools: leave-in conditioner, super-hold gel, shine serum

Halle's locks may be cropped, but they've got a lot more structure than the average pixie cut. If your hair is naturally limp, a little volume can freshen the overall appearance of your face. The clumped tresses are also good for frizz-prone types who need their follicles tamed.

The recipe is simple: a dime-sized dollop (or quarter-sized depending on how dry the hair) of frizz-fighting leave-in conditioner and a dime-sized dollop of super-hold gel. Mix in your hands and then apply to towel-dried hair from roots to tip, lightly twisting clumps of locks in your fingers in different directions. This will give your hair effortless texture and lift. Finish up with a pump of shine-enhancing serum, blending in your hands and lightly running over the tips and sides of your hair to prevent fly-aways and add sheen.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesChristina Hendricks' red-stained pout
red lip-stain, red lip-liner, lip brush

If you're looking to get as much attention from the office as Joan from "Mad Men," there's nothing like a fade-resistant shock of red lips. The show's own makeup department head Lana Horchowski notes that Joan's chalky-textured pout is era-specific. "[We replaced] gloss and sheer or shimmer lipsticks with matte reds, bright pinks, and corals to help create a more retro look," revealed Horchowski.

Before you apply the lip stain on your own pout, start with a liner that matches your stain color. This will give you a longer-lasting look and help you color inside the lines. Next up, take your matte lipstick and dot it on the center of your upper and lower lips. Use a lip brush to spread the stain around, filling in your entire lip. Be sure to brush as close to your lip line as possible to blend the liner with the stain.

Julie Christie's bangs
Tools: hair-cutting scissors

The "Shampoo" star has all three 'b's: Beauty, brains and killer bangs. The third, thankfully, takes the least amount of effort to acquire. "The secret is that even though they look like blunt bangs, they're actually subtly shaped and you can do it on any face shape," says Lock & Mane's Cascarano. The trick to ensure flattering framing is all in the brow.

With your scissors, cut the bangs along the curve of your eye-brow, starting from the temples and working your way to the middle of your forehead. Be sure to cut just above the top of the brow line for a loose, but low-maintenance length. To complete the look, Cascarno suggests "adding some longer layers around the face so that the bangs don't seem so heavy." For daily maintenance, use a little hairspray (cover your eyes and hold the spray a few inches from your face) to keep the perfectly loose bangs from becoming flyaways.

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesPhoto by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesBeyonce's stage-worthy legs
Tools: exfoliation scrub or sponge, body lotion with shimmer, or body lotion and shimmering loose eyeshadow

You don't need translucent nylons to get Beyonce's Grammy-grade gams. First slough off dead skin with a body polishing scrub or a loofah sponge, rubbing in circular motions up and down your leg. Once you're smooth and dry, it's time to get your glow on. A thick moisturizer with a built-in body shimmer is all you need to sparkle. If you don't have that handy, tap a little shimmering, neutral eye-shadow or face powder into your palm and mix with body lotion. Rub the moisturizer in, from ankle to thigh, in round circles so it's evenly applied. Finally, rub a little extra on your middle and pointer fingertips and run them up either side of your calf bone to give your lower legs a sharpened contour.