Fall Beauty & Skincare Guide

  • by Sarah Ferguson

    As far as hair and makeup are concerned, I'll try anything at least once. Orange lipstick, hair chalk, crazy nail art kits-as long as I can take it off at the end of the day, I'm game!

    More permanent changes, on the other hand, really freak me out. Prime example: I've had the same haircut and color for about 15 years and it's going to stay that way.

    So when I want to totally refresh my look, I opt for instant, subtle modifications to my daily beauty routine. I'll define my brows or choose a bold lip color I've never tried before. Simple, yes, but you'd be surprised how little it takes to bring you out of your comfort zone. Click through above for five ways to transform your look this season if you're a commitment-phobe like me.

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  • Pucker up: This season is all about bright and colorful lips. But not just any bright lip-the "popsicle" lip is a new rendition that creates a fun look with a brighter, bolder middle that fades as it reaches the outer edges. Think of it as ombre for the lips. This creates a look that's super full and luscious, making your look more feminine and youthful-lips thin as you age, so this look keeps them looking voluminous. The go-to shade of the season is grape. Deep purples, wines and fuchsias all create a contrast with teeth, making them appear whiter, which we perceive as healthy and clean. Rocking both these looks will keep you on-trend while also letting you radiate health and youthfulness, which are always in style no matter the season.

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  • By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    Overhyped Beauty Products

    It seems like every week brings a new beauty product with a new promise, whether it's perfect skin, shiny hair or the chance to look 10 years younger. But more often than not, the latest must-have potions only deliver disappointment, not results. Fortunately, dermatologists are the voices of reason when it comes to shopping for skin care that actually works. We asked top derms to give their professional opinions on what products aren't as amazing as they've been made out to be, so you can focus on what really gets results.

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    1. BB Cream
    Say it ain't so! We happen to have a drawer brimming with different versions of the multi-tasking product, but skin care physician Dr. Tabasum Mir isn't convinced it's so great. "All-in-one BB creams are touted as master multi-taskers, and if you have pretty good skin it may be enough for sheer coverage. However, most of us still need to add a moisturizer on. Your best bet

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  • It's fall - the time of year when makeup palettes turn rich and hair makes a statement as our wardrobes transition into sumptuous layers. "To see what's happening next in hair and makeup trends, you have to look to the runway-the clothing determines the beauty looks we create around the collections," explains celebrity stylist Patrick Melville, who was a fixture backstage at Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week.

    But when it comes to beauty, it's not just about mimicking trends. It's about using trends in a way that is proven to best suit your features. This way, you won't only update your look for the new season, but you can also enhance your beauty and truly look stunning.

    These two hairstyles - the coiled chignon and a braided 'do - are proven by science to be effective at transforming your look. From giving you a more youthful appearance to making your facial features seem more symmetrical, these styles are easy to do at home and are worth trying, not only for the street cred, but also for the serious beauty-boosting benefits. Read on to find out how each can keep you looking on-trend, youthful and beautiful.

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