Fall Beauty & Skincare Guide

  • Source: 6 Tips to Avoid Smudged Eye Makeup

    Whether it's from sweat, humidity, tears, or just plain oily lids, eye makeup that runs and smudges throughout the day is far from flattering. But before you get completely frustrated, we have tips to help you before you even apply your makeup to ways to touch up on the go. So bat those lashes with confidence, and try out these helpful tips.

    1. Start with clean skin.
    If your eyelids tend to great greasy as the day goes on, then make sure you're starting with a clean slate. Wash your face in the morning, but make sure to pay attention to your lids so you get any of the excess oils from the night before.

    2. Apply an eye primer.
    After your skin is clean and moisturized (avoid eye cream actually on your lids), apply a primer specifically made for your eyes. Ones like Nars Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base ($24) and Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion ($20) are formulated to not only prep your lids, but also help your makeup apply smoothly and stay in pl

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  • by Elaine Welteroth

    Cara Delevigne (Courtesy of Matt Irwin/Trunk Archive)

    Cara Delevigne (Courtesy of Matt Irwin/Trunk Archive)

    Cindy Crawford had the beauty mark. Naomi Campbell had the legs. And now, model du jour Cara Delevingne is inspiring eyebrow envy everywhere. "We call it the power brow," says Benefit UK head makeup artist and brow expert Lisa Potter-Dixon of the Carainspired beauty trend that's trickling down from runways, prompting overzealous pluckers to reconsider their approach.

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    While Cara's full-bodied, impeccably shaped arches are no doubt having a moment, stars like Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Rita Ora are making statement brows their signature on the red carpet, too. But Potter-Dixon cautions that not everyone should jump on the bigger-is-better bandwagon: "Trends change, but your face shape stays the same," she says. "Go for a look that suits you."

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    "The key is to put the arch in the right place," according to Emma Watson's trusted brow guru, Jigna Soni of Blink

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