The top celebrity hair highs and lows

As much as we enjoy changing up our hairstyles and trying new colors, it's not always practical or affordable. Celebrities, on the other hand, have access to the best stylists and lots of money to invest in updating their looks. They've also learned that a new hairstyle, whether good or bad, can get them tons of publicity from people like you weighing in with your countless opinions. We've rounded up the prettiest, the ugliest, and the most outrageous styles we've seen on famous faces in recent months. See if you agree with our picks.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesDrew Barrymore

Barrymore loves experimenting with her appearance, which often translates to frequently switching up her haircut and color. When you try many daring looks, there are bound to be a few misses, but her dip-dyed black ends are downright witchy, and there is no real way to make this blunt cut and color a flattering style. Thankfully Barrymore ditched the look after a few weeks, and grew her hair out. Here she illustrates a pretty way to wear multi-toned ombre hair color. The long feminine layers are equally enviable.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesJennifer Lopez
As a woman with a lot of hair, it's fun to play with volume, but J.Lo's beehive belongs in the hall of shame, or at least stuck back in the 1960s. Clearly the actress was trying to create a buzz (hehe) with her sky-high hairdo, but it's hard to notice what she was wearing, what she had to say, or what movie she was even promoting with such a distracting and awful style. We much prefer the luscious bouncy curls J.Lo has become so famous for in her signature honey-glazed brown. Here she's careful to avoid a big '80s hair moment by keeping the top of her hair relatively flat with bobby pins.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesLindsay Lohan
Lohan's bleached out locks are a serious beauty low point. We're not sure who ever thought this style was flattering, but it's terrible on her skintone! And these obvious Barbie extensions make the look that much worse. We tried and tried to find a great recent photo of Lohan's hair, but had to go back to 2004. Yes, before she became a mess, but also before she started meddling with one of her truly awesome natural attributes: shiny red hair. We don't think she's genuinely smiled since this photo was taken, so hopefully she'll take our advice and return to her vibrant roots.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesKatherine Heigl
With the popularity of "Mad Men" came the resurgence of classic old glamour hairdos on the red carpet. While hair color shouldn't necessarily be associated with any particular style, we believe our eyes may have trained us to anticipate this 'do in a Marilyn Monroe shade of blond. This is also the color we've come to expect and love on Katherine Heigl, so when she dyed her hair dark we really disliked it. We also think her stylist botched this brunette retro look. The hair is too long, the volume is in all the wrong places, and the color is totally off. Triple whammy.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesTaylor Momsen
The rocker/actress who swears she isn't trying to be Courtney Love enjoys making a spectacle of herself, and Morticia Addams-length ratty hair coupled with I-was-just-in-a-fist-fight eye makeup has become her signature beauty look. Too bad it's hideous. About two years ago, Momsen rocked a razor-cut Chrissie Hynde-style shag that we found incredibly edgy, especially for a then-15-year-old. We'd like to take this moment to say she nailed the look, and every time we watch "Gossip Girl" we long for it to return.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesKelly Osbourne
Earlier this year an odd trend emerged where celebs were dyeing their hair gray. Yes, you read that right. Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss, Pink, and pre-teen blogger Tavi all went gray very prematurely, and it was not attractive. Was this rebellion against everyone trying to look younger, or merely ladies in the spotlight desperately searching for a style that had never been done before? Either way, we're glad the moment has passed and that Osbourne sorted out her hair situation. Her newly blonde hair looks best short, and this asymmetrical, wavy style is both lovely and modern.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesMegan Fox
When you're frequently selected as the hottest, sexiest, and most desirable female by every men's magazine it's hard to do something to your appearance to make you look downright gross, but Megan Fox managed to do so. For some reason the actress slicked back only the top portion of her hair at an award show to achieve a wet, "just got out of a pool" look, but instead it just looked greasy and nasty. We love the length on Fox, but since her hair is thin and straight it looks best when it's very clean with a soft wave added to it. A side part with hair flipped over adds oomph on top.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesTyra Banks
As a supermodel and TV personality, Tyra has worn her hair in many shapes, styles, and colors. She's even designated entire episodes of her talk show to revealing her "real hair." When you have stunning features, simple hairstyles are often best, and we love Tyra's basic shoulder-grazing cut with a center part. As for that weird, cinnamon bun of hair attached to her forehead? We'll just try to forgive and forget.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesKatie Holmes
Katie Holmes transformed from "Dawson's Creek" leftover to stylish, noteworthy adult over night, and it wasn't because she married Tom Cruise. She cut her hair into a sleek bob that not only updated her look, it re-popularized the haircut. We've come to love admiring her shiny hair on the red carpet, and how there's seemingly never a hair out of place. Clearly Holmes was having a bad hair day when she showed up to an event with this weirdly grown out, unwashed style. For us mere mortals this may pass, but when you're a celeb with cameras in your face please remember to shampoo.