Trend Alert: Moon Boots Are Back!

By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

Moon boots may make you think of Victoria Beckham in her chav-ier, pre-design career days, but the cosmically comfortable footwear is experiencing a haute rebirth this season!

Aside from their bizarre fit system (they come only in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, and there is no distinction between the left and right foot!), moon boots are best known for being some of the coziest shoes on the planet. This season, the Ugg predecessor has gotten a makeover from the likes of Chloe (in chic tan and saddle leather, far left), Chanel (adorned with Yeti-inspired faux fur!, middle), and D&G (made from one of this season's hottest knits, fair isle, far right), so they won't just keep you totally warm and dry, but they'll give you a little designer lift.

We've also seen 'em on celebs from Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton to less likely enthusiasts like Pete Wentz (yeah, really!).

The classic solid color puffy ones are still around, but we're really feeling these new fashion-forward versions. Shop for a few we're loving at every price point now in the Glamour closet.

What do you think of moon boots, gals? Do you find them totally offensive, or do you dig them for their amazing comfort and warmth? Do you own a pair? Would you consider wearing 'em this winter? Discuss!

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