Fall Fashion: 3 not-so-new trends that are still in style

Fall is an exciting time for the fashion-conscious everywhere. As the weather changes, we pack away summer pieces and retrieve long-forgotten outfits from wherever we store seasonal clothing. The frustrating thing about season changes and trying to resuscitate a stale wardrobe is how often fashion changes. Will last year's leggings and tunics still be in style this year, or do I own ten pairs for absolutely no reason? Whether it's dressing for school, work, or a day out, this fall there are styles for everybody, and it's pretty likely some of last year's pieces can live again with a little breath of fresh air.


This isn't a new trend, so by now most women have found that menswear inspired classics can look pretty great on women. A structured blazer, a crisp button up, and a brief-case inspired bag can look incredible when worn with a pair of great-fitting dark denim jeans and loafer-esque wedges. If you don't have any of these things, and you don't want to spend the money to buy them, try searching through your man's closet. A crisp tuxedo shirt looks adorable when belted and worn with slim cut trousers or skinny jeans.

A Bubble Skirt

This trend isn't new either, but it has been dormant for a little while. This is something that doesn't look good on just anyone, but when the right person wears it, it can be stunning. It's fairly important to be careful while accessorizing a bubble skirt. Because the puffy skirt is a tad outrageous, keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible: add a slim-fitting tee and solid, coordinating heels, for example.


Lace is big, especially in heavy, structured pieces. We're not talking about body skimming, slinky lace dresses but rather solid, well shaped separates. A lace top, for instance, would go well with work slacks, or a lace-overlay pencil skirt would add a lady-like look to a basic work outfit. Keep the rest of the accessories simple, and don't over do it with the lacy look-you don't want to have a lace dress on while carrying a lace-trimmed purse and wearing shoes with a lace overlay. Avoid overkill.

Whether you want to update your wardrobe completely or just add a few pieces that speak to this season's trends, use your imagination when putting together new outfits. You just might find that your boyfriend's jeans look awesome on you-especially when paired with a lace jacket.