How to Wear Fall's Chunky Knits

Jean Godfrey June, Lucky magazine
Q: How can I wear fall's chunky knits without looking chunky? -Rebecca

A: Dear Rebecca,

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"It's chunky!" said fashion director Anne Keane. "Don't try to wear it in a 'slim' way." All the fashion girls lived for the Chloé show (left), chockablock with knits that are not just chunky but boxy. "You know, I could give some advice about a belt, blah blah," Anne said. "But, like at Chloé, it's all about proportion and how it hangs-it's exaggerated. It's meant to be boxy."

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Anne likes breezy or tailored with chunky. "You want contrast in terms of a silhouette, like a slim pant or a pencil skirt or a silky, flowy skirt." The only contrast Anne was not having was a short skirt. "Oh, I don't think so," she said, looking at me as if I should definitely know better.