10 Ways To Dress 2 Sizes Thinner

If you know how to dress right, you can still enjoy that comfort food all winter long.

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As much as I love fall, I can't help but live in a constant state of dread, knowing that as soon as the leaves are finished turning and the crisp fall weather has come to an end, all that will be left behind are unbearably cold temperatures. Saying goodbye to the mild weather will inevitably also mean saying goodbye to any outdoor physical activities and hello to every unhealthy comfort food I can think of- I'm talking just about any pumpkin flavored pastry ever created.

This has become quite a familiar cycle for most of us, one that we will all inevitably regret come next bikini season. Not to worry! We've come up with a few easy wardrobe tips to help you look 2 sizes thinner, even through those lazy colder months.

1. Swap your cropped tops for a waist-length cardigan.
A long cardigan can easily give the illusion of an elongated torso.

2. Buy clothes in the right size
Most of us seem to be so afraid of our dress size that we often end up buying clothes that are too small. Buying a pair of jeans in a size 4 won't actually make you look like a size 4. You'll just end up with some avoidable muffin top. We promise, the size 6 will actually make you look a lot leaner in the end.

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3. A belt is a girl's best friend

There's a reason why it's called cinching. Pairing a skinny belt with a billowy top or dress will cinch your waist, making it appear inches smaller.

4. Black is always in fashion
No matter what bright color is the trend du jour, there is nothing like an LBD to hide those flaws- granted that it's the right fit (see tip #2). If all black is too boring for you, add a bright pump into the mix for a nice pop of color.

5. Gaining a few pounds is not an excuse to wear a Muumuu
This one is pretty simple- if you buy something that's shaped like a tent, you'll look as big as a tent...unless you cinch (see tip #3). Instead, buy clothes that accentuate your natural curves.

6. Choose the best pant cut for your body
Caroline Belhumeur,
Club Monaco's VP of Women's Design, let us in on some of her favorite pant choices to create a slim and lean look. "The Olga Pant, which is slightly higher waisted, slim through the thighs, and boot cut elongates most body types," Belhumeur says. She adds, "If you have a wider leg opening then you should wear the Sophie blouse, accented with a wide belt to continue a slimming affect."

7. Try a nude heel
Nothing elongates the body like a nude-colored shoe. The similarity to your skin tone will give the illusion that your legs go on for days. Shoes at right: ALDO nude pumps, $90, at Zappos.

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8. Become best friends with your tailor
A tailor is unarguably your most important asset when it comes to dressing thinner. A good tailor can alter anything you own to custom fit your body- because let's face it, we weren't all built like Gisele. And if I haven't made it clear enough already, the right fit is everything.

9. Pick the right neckline
A V-neck can easily make you look like you've lost 5 pounds overnight. Choosing this lower cut will create the appearance of a nice elongating vertical line. This is especially true for large chested women, who risk looking suffocated by too high necklines.

10. It's what is underneath that counts
We can't rave enough about Spanx, and it's not really an insider secret anymore. But the area that many women still seem to fail is in choosing the right bra. Wearing the right bra size can give you an instant breast lift, creating a more slender figure.

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