How to Make Your Summer Dresses Wearable For Fall

By Lauren Tardanico, Glamour magazine

Fall is my favorite season of the year, but it truly pains me to pack away my summer dresses that have only had a few short months of opportunities to be worn. And although not every summer dress you own can be easily transitioned from wearing on a 95 degree day in July to a 60 degree day in September, chances are if you look closely at your closet, most of them can!

This may look like a skirt and a top, but it's not! It's actually a loose-fitting sleeveless tank dress that I wore by itself all summer, and this morning, threw it on like normal, belted it (this is key when wearing a sweater over a a dress as it pulls the lower half together, creating the faux skirt) and added a sweater on top.

I've found that this trick works best with dresses that don't have a structured shape or waist as you want something that will lie flat under your sweater. And what about those sparkly or metallic dresses that are too fancy to wear to the office? It works for those too, making them totally daytime appropriate and wearable.

Are you into wearing your dresses in as many ways as possible? Or do you only wear your summer dresses in the warmer weather and winter dresses in the cold? Got any dress versatility tips? Share 'em!

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