User post: My Take on the Fall 2010 Makeup Trends

The fall 2010 makeup trends are so diverse that there is a style that can suit everyone's taste. The bold colors of crimson red lipstick on full lips, strong eyebrows, eye shadows in plums, forest green, grays with a hint of shimmer, and the always fashionable smoky eyes was seen on the runway this year. Additionally on the runway was the minimalist makeup trend in which the goal is to bring out the natural beauty of women.

Lipstick - Red lipstick is a fashion statement in itself. When wearing red lipstick keep the eye makeup minimal especially for daytime wear. Consider plumping up your lips with a lip plumper. Did you know that brushing your lips with your tooth brush will promote circulation and plump up the lips? Another factor to consider is to purchase the right red lipstick for your skin tone. For those with a warm skin tone consider a red lipstick with yellow undertones. Cool complexions look best in reds that have a blue undertone and neutral skin tones can wear any color red, however neutral skin tones will have a predominant warm or cool tone. A true red will look good on all skin tones. Another tip is to always line the lips when wearing red lipstick as it does have a tendency to bleed.

Eye Shadow - Forest green, plums and grays are great eye shadow colors for fall. A deep forest green with a hint of gold shimmer really adds sex appeal to the eyes. Other options are deep plums with a gray shimmer. When shopping for eye shadow this fall consider the deep colors that add so much depth to the eye. Check out these great mineral eye shadows.

Smoky eyes - are always fashionable. Start with a brown shadow over the lid of the eyes, then apply a dark plum over the rest of the lid area into the crease and smudge. Finally apply a lighter plum or burgundy shimmer on the brow area and over the lid to set up a beautiful finish.

Minimalist - the key to this look is a flawless complexion. The focus is on the natural beauty of the face. First use a good concealer to cover any flaws in your complexion then apply your foundation. If you are using mineral makeup, see my post onHow to Select the Right Mineral Makeup for Your Skin Type. Secondly apply a blush or bronzer to bring out the cheek bones. Eye brows should be shaped to perfection and any sparse areas should be filled in with powder or an eyebrow pencil. Lipstick should be a flesh color that matches your lip color. If you feel that you have to wear eye shadow consider a nude shade to create a soft and natural look. Apply mascara for the final touch.

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