Katie Holmes: The Next Big Style Mogul?

Katie Holmes with fellow fashion and beauty insiders, including Jeanne Yang (L) and Bobbi Brown (R). (Getty Im …It’s been a little over a year since Katie Holmes announced her split from Tom Cruise, and she's been staying busy ever since. The 34-year-old's fashion label, Holmes & Yang, debuted its most recent collection to an exclusive list of guests on Thursday (since she pulled it from the official New York Fashion Week schedule) and now the actress-turned-fashionista is extending her empire to the realms of beauty.

It’s safe to say that Holmes made a name for herself in showbiz, thanks to her many seasons on teen drama "Dawson's Creek," roles in multiple films, and her much-watched marriage to a certain mega-movie star. But over the last year, she’s hit the ground running in the beauty and fashion worlds too. Could she be the next big style mogul? We’re not saying no. Last year, the actress partnered with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang to create a clothing line, Holmes & Yang and became the first-ever celebrity to represent cosmetic line Bobbi Brown in September.  She's also been the face of Alterna haircare since January.

"Stars are following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson to turn their famous personas into big business," career expert Nicole Williams told Yahoo! Shine. "I think it's very smart for stars to realize that they can leverage their fame and notoriety to create products."

Bobbi Brown’s Navy & Nude Collection featuring Holmes came out last month, and she's now an official collaborator with the makeup powerhouse. The Bobbi & Katie Collection, which hits stores next month, consists of eight eye shadows, two blushes, and a mini eye pencil for $68, as well as a brush set ($65), sold separately. According to Fashionista, the sets are predicted to net $3 million.

“These are things that will perk you up. And I look to Bobbi for that, because she's an incredible makeup artist,” Holmes said about the palette in a recent interview with WWD. “I’m always asking her, ‘What do I do when I’ve slept four hours and I’m going to a meeting? What do I do so I don’t look like I’m exhausted?’”

Holmes also also revealed another sweet-smelling goal in the interview. “I’m interested in doing a fragrance,” she added. “We all need a little help in smelling good, especially in the summer in New York City!”

Having your very own scent seems to be a requirement of stardom these days. Celebs from J. Lo to Heidi Klum to Nicki Minaj to yes, we’re saying it, Justin Bieber, all have their own fragrance lines. But the perfume would only be an addition to the fashion-and-beauty section of Holmes's resume. Who’s to say if her endeavors are attempts at keeping her mind off the divorce (and successful ones at that) or if they’re simple representative of the single, post-TomKat woman she is. Regardless, Holmes is content with her foray into the beauty business.

“I’ve loved every minute of it — Bobbi is so creative and so smart. I’m very inspired by her,” Holmes told WWD.

It’s going to be an exciting year for the triple threat (that would be film, fashion, and beauty). The  is currently filming the romantic drama "Mania Days," to be released next year; has extended her contract with Bobbi Brown; and will continue to build her Holmes & Yang collection.

Whether her dabbling in the fashion and beauty industries continues to take off or eventually fizzles, at least there's one full-time profession she can rely on: being Suri Cruise's fabulous mother.