Fashion tips I learned from Pinterest

The latest online phenomenon has completely captured my attention. I am obsessed with the virtual corkboard that is Pinterest. Instead of flipping through the same old same old Facebook updates or streaming the mad chatter of Twitter, I scroll through exciting new images, picking and choosing what works for my life.

I am in good company too. One of my favorite pinners is Nina Garcia, the fashion director for Marie Claire and a Project Runway judge. She keeps me and her 600,000-plus followers updated on the latest trends, while other wonderful pinners post fashion tips that I have been able to put to good use. The following is only a sampling of the great tips I have gleaned from Pinterest.

Fashion tips I learned from Pinterest

Belted cardigan sweater - Cardigan sweaters are cute and functional, but I never liked how they fell on my body. That is until I saw how wrapping a belt around an open sweater transforms the look. Pulling together this look did not require much effort, unless you count going up in the attic to fetch a cardigan as exertion, and it looks stylishly casual.

Lace headbands - Trendy lace is easy to incorporate into an everyday look with this idea and a trip to the fabric store. I love how to multiple strands give it an even softer, girlier look. Choose three or more lengths of lace to wrap around your head. I have experimented with wide stretchy lace and have tied multiple strands together with a thin pink ribbon bow near my ear for more interest.

Boot socks - Boots are huge this season and a quick scan of Pinterest will reveal one of the best ways to wear them is with peek-a-boo boot socks. While I love this idea, boot socks are not in my budget. An easy way around this is to cut off the foot of a pair of your socks to slip on like legwarmers. This is not only a great way to recreate this look; it is upcycling at its finest. Repurposing socks with holes as boot socks is a fabulous fashion tip. You can even layer several pairs to create a fun new look.

Tucking jeans - This is another fashion tip from Pinterest that made life easier. I love the look of tall boots over jeans, but since I hardly wear skinny jeans, the style escaped me. That is until this simple tutorial popped up. Love the up close images that walk you through the process. Then, after properly folding your jeans, slip homemade boot socks over to keep it all in place.

Cheetah nails - I have a great pair of cheetah shoes that I love to kick around in, but other than that I have not jumped on the wild animal print trend. Until of course I saw the pin for painting spots on your nails. I do love nail art. Quirky and creative designs pop up every day on Pinterest, but there is something so glamorous about cheetah print. Worn with a black outfit with red accessories, these cheetah nails are fierce!

Scarves - Scarves have transcended trendiness and have gone completely mainstream. Girls wear scarves straight through summer, spring, winter, and fall as a fashion statement with benefits. While I know this, my scarf tying skills consisted of two not-so-different styles. This pin and others like it have taken my skills up a notch or two. Tutorials are a great addition to Pinterest boards because you can really see the behind the scenes process of putting looks together.

Aside from specific fashion tips, the images have sparked completely new outfits. With inspiration dancing in my mind, I shop with confidence and have a lot of fashion fun thanks to the massive amount of fellow pinnners.

Pin on, my friends, pin on.

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