The 5 Most Interesting/Fascinating/SAY WHAT?! Moments from NYFW! (So Far!)

by Amy Wicks

Getty ImagesGetty Images We're more than halfway through New York Fashion Week and as we all know, half of the fun is the unexpected amount of interesting/fascinating/SAY WHAT?! moments that are guaranteed to happen (but you never really know when they will hit).

Interesting: Take, for example, the Thom Browne runway show (above), which took place on Monday afternoon. Yes, it was insanely beautiful. It was also kind of mind blowing in a what-just-happened kind of way, when you saw the models transformed into these psychotic porcelain dolls.

See what I mean? Head on over to for more of this latex-covered Elizabethan fantasy world.

Fascinating: Next up, we have a Jonas Brothers sighting at the Richard Chai Love show. I mention it, because I sat across from them and noticed a level of excitement from the ladies in the audience that I thought had since passed. I guess I was wrong. It turns out they've still got it! Long live 2008! Getty ImagesGetty Images

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SAY WHAT?! You've got to love Nicki Minaj, who, incidentally, seems to love herself! Just check out her smartphone case. It's a picture of herself! She was spotted sitting next to Katie Cassidy at the Herve Leger show, snapping runway photos. Honestly, this picture just makes me smile.
Getty ImagesGetty Images

Fascinating: Each season, I wonder which celebs will become a constant presence at New York Fashion Week shows. In the past, it was the stars of CW dramas. This season, randomly, it's Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. I've spotted him front row at Donna Karan, Edun and Tommy Hilfiger. The latter show makes a little sense, since it was Cali-inspired and you know, he did sing Californication.
Getty ImagesGetty Images

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Finally, from the menswear department, we have Duckie Brown's dude version of a halter top. Oh, and a bowl cut.
Getty ImagesGetty Images

As someone who used to have a bowl cut (yep, in kindergarten!) I hope this is one hair trend that doesn't come back.

What do you think of these, shall we say, unexpected NYFW moments? Are you excited to see more when we wrap it all up in a few days? Discuss!

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