BREAKING: Marc Jacobs is Leaving Louis Vuitton

by Alison Syrett Cleary

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The Louis Vuitton show in Paris this morning was more than a preview of the brand's Spring/Summer 2014 collection; it also served as a send-off for Marc Jacobs, who plans to end his 16-year tenure as the company's creative director at the end of this year. Indeed, as we speculated last Monday, the designer is leaving the French fashion house to focus on his namesake brand and its forthcoming IPO.

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Although Marc routinely delivers spectacular productions under ordinary circumstances, yesterday's event was truly on another level. Rather than a straight catwalk, the models mazed their way through an elaborate set comprised of theatrical elements that nodded to LV's most memorable runway presentations, like a carousel inspired by its Spring/Summer 2012 show and the eerie line of seedy hotel doors from last February. Then, of course, there were the dark, dramatic clothes-sheer bodysuits, baggy trousers, big-shouldered boleros, tassel-embellished accessories-all of which were paired with towering feather headdresses. The sheer showmanship of it all, mixed with a deep undercurrent of emotion, made for a moment so magical you can even feel it through the livestream. Watch it now on

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The heartfelt show notes Marc Jacobs left on every attendee's seat.

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