10 Celeb Dudes Admit Their "Man Crushes"

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash News
The term "girl crush" gets thrown around a whole lot, by us included. But what about "man crushes"? Naturally, they happen too. Last week, Javier Bardem revealed his mega-man crush on Brad Pitt. The actor owned up to feeling like a teenage girl when he first met Brad, and said that he could fall in love with the dude.

Javier has joined an impressive list of Hollywood's hottest men who aren't afraid to talk about the romantic feelings they have for one another. For example ...

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10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash News
Don't trust Julia Roberts with your secrets. The actress spilled that her pal George Clooney is obsessed with Clive Owen. I wonder if Clooney confessed his crush over a game of Truth or Dare at some super secret celebrity sleepover.

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash News
Kris Allen may have won the eighth season of "American Idol," but now he is trying to win over Jake Gyllenhaal's heart. The singer said in an interview that Jake is his man crush hands down. Good thing for Kris that Jake is single. Bad news for Kris that I am his competition. Let the games begin.

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash News
Hugh Grant revealed that even without seeing a single "Twilight" movie, "I understand the fascination with Robert Pattinson. I think he's really sexy!" I believe the man crush, but I don't know about the not seeing "Twilight" bit of the story. I think Hugh has a vampire fantasy he is hiding from us.

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10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash NewsThey must need some fresh meat in Man Crush Land, because resident hottie Ryan Reynolds is also jumping on board the Robert Pattinson love train. Reynolds said, "[He's] dreamy ... Look, I'm not gay, but I'm thinkin' about it." If Scarlett Johansson works this right, it could turn out really well for her.

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash NewsWith all the love coming in for Rob, he had to give some in return. Zac Efron was the lucky recipient; he apparently had Pattinson "swooning" the first time they crossed paths. And since the feelings are mutual-"He's absolutely amazing," gushed Efron-that brings Rob's man crush count up to three.

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash NewsZac is kind of being a man crush slut. First he goes reciprocating Rob's feelings, but then he goes on record saying Daniel Craig is his number one man crush. Zac said, "Vanessa thinks Daniel Craig is the hot Hollywood hunk. But I also have a man crush on Daniel Craig-he's just so cool. So I'll let her have that one."

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10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash News/LandovRyan Seacrest decided to be alternative with his man crush. After visiting "The Today Show," Seacrest confessed to being "enamored" with Matt Lauer. Watch out, Ryan! There are cheating rumors going around about Matt and we wouldn't want you to get your heart broken.

10 Celebrities Who've Got A Man CrushSplash NewsRobert Downey Jr. admitted that his attraction to Jude Law couldn't be denied, especially after working with him on "Sherlock Holmes." Downey called it a simple case of "circumstantial homosexuality." We call it pretty damn sexy.

Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel took their mutual man crushes a step further by consummating them, and then releasing a song and video about it. Let's hope these other guys follow suit.

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