10 Comfy High Heels That You Can Actually Run Around In

-- Posted by Lily Q on The Frisky

#1 - We're in the midst of Fashion Week and that means more than just pretty clothes and pretty people. It means we're walking in heels. A lot. Within a few days, even the most adept heel walker is feeling pain from the balls of her feet to, well, everywhere else. Join us in the quest for relatively comfy heels that work for everything from Fashion Week to your commute to the office. [$69, Libby Edelman, Victoria's Secret

#2 - Cole Haan and Nike have done a lovely thing: combined cute Cole Haan shoes with comfy Nike Air technology for a heel that's not nearly as torturous as most of its peers. [$328, Cole Haan ]

#3 - A medium-height, chunky heel will offer a decent amount of stability to your swagger. [$143, D&G, Forward ]

#4 - Eliminate all concern about pumps falling off mid-walk by going with a sturdy ankle boot instead. [$66, BCBGeneration, Dillard's ]

#5 - For dressy events (especially if there's going to be a lot of dancing), pick a mid-height heel with straps that won't cut into your feet. [$69.95, Clearwater Creek ]

#6 - The multicolored platform sneakily looks more stylish than functional. Really, it's both. [$98, Matiko, Bluefly.com ]

#7 - To be perfectly honest, these are probably going to hurt. That said, they're gorgeous and pretty sturdy-looking for a heel that high. Your wobbling will be half what it might in a thin heel of that height. [$312, Celine, Savannahs ]

#8 - Like we said, booties generally offer more support. These particular ones also have a thicker heel and small platform up-front. [$95, Matisse, Victoria's Secret ]

#9 - Make it easy on yourself with a wedge heel. [$495, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saks Fifth Avenue ]

#10 - Crazy high though they are, these are nearly platforms and the extra shaping through the arch will let you last longer before the ache sets in. [$126, Dolce Vita, Bluefly.com ]

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