10 Crazy Trends To Avoid This Spring (including a topless one-piece bathing suit)

It's easy to get excited about shedding layer upon layer of wool and thermals. What's more complicated is updating your wardrobe for the season and avoiding tricky trends that will just end up taking more space up in your closet than a bulky winter coat. With that in mind, click through for 10 fads to ignore this season.

1. Clogs:
Only a true fashion force like Karl Lagerfeld, who debuted these at Chanel's spring collection could manage to make these shoes trendy. But that doesn't mean you should go there.


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2. Overalls:
Similarly, fashion taste maker Ralph Lauren sent these down the runway, resulting in a trickle-down effect across the country. Other than weekend gardening, we can't think of a single event these would be appropriate for.


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3. Cargo Pants: Spotted by Leo on Shopbop. Perhaps the only pants worse than mom jeans?


4. Bold Makeup: Right around now, cosmetics companies are telling you to "brighten up!" for Spring. This is a vicious ploy to take your money and make you look stupid.

5. Tie-Dye:
American Apparel and similar have been trying to make this happen (again) for ages now. And, alas, we're seeing chicks walking around looking like this. Leave it at Woodstock, kids!

American ApparelAmerican Apparel

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6. Feather Skirts:
Perhaps cute in theory, a $600 shirt that sheds all over the place and gets crushed every time you sit down is not the wisest purchase.


7. Leather Shorts: Cool designers like Alexander Wang presented all sorts of spring/summer leather embellishments, and while it looks kind of nifty on the runway, we're squirming at the thought of sitting in a sweltering bus wearing these jammy jams. Ick.


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8. Animal Prints:
Sure, animal prints are "fun" and all, but they're a trend best consumed in very small doses. A leopard spotted clutch? Perhaps. This heinous top? Please, no.


9. Peep-Toe Sneaks: Amelia found these on Shopbop and nearly gave us all a heart attack. It's like shoe designers thought, "Man, people are really buying into that whole peep-toe boot thing. Let's take it up a notch!" Unfortunate soles indeed.


10. Topless Bikini: Sure, everyone wants to look sexy on the beach this summer. But this risque Victoria's Secret number? Sorry, guys, it's with great reluctance in our hearts, but we'll have to pass on this particular trend.
Victorias SecretVictorias Secret
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