10 hairstyle secrets you need to know

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1. Adding moisture to your hair after straightening will make it curl, so look for styling products that don't list water as one of the first 5 ingredients. Here is a list of products that you need to achieve a chic straight look.

Don't try to blow-dry sections of hair that are more than an inch thick-the hot air will not be able to pass through. Opt for small sections and be sure to dry each thoroughly before moving on. Get more tips for the perfect straight style here.

Hold on to hair color longer - never rinse with very hot water as it may loosen pigment molecules from freshly colored hair. The secret to your perfect hair color? Find out what to match your strands to.

Get a gorgeous up-do. Gather hair at the nape and twist upward toward your crown. Slip a few bobby pins into the sides to secure the strays. Off to work? Paper clips can get the job done, too.

Going from light to dark? Change your make-up, too. Smoky eyes are more fitting for dark, dramatic hair color. Read one woman's story about going from blonde to brown.

To achieve high-wattage shine, wash your hair the night before and then let it air-dry. Hair is much stronger when it's naturally dried; plus, your scalp's own oils are better than any product.

Nothing takes the sheen off shiny brunette strands faster than dousing them with hairspray. If you must shellac, follow with a spritz of shine serum. Find out what the most common at-home hair coloring mistake is, and how to avoid it.

For the sleekest results on any hair type, use a 1500 to 1800-watt hair dryer when styling; anything less powerful allows your cuticles to curl up.

Control those hair impulses! Before dying your blonde locks black, use modern technology to see how you'll look with that color. Upload your photo and try on a style at The Virtual Hair Salon.

Get expensive-looking hair by using simple, chic accessories. You'd never find a Scrunchie on a socialite's strands! Discover other ways to make hair look more posh.

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