10 Fashion Trends We Hope Never Come Back

Horrible kids fashion trends...Horrible kids fashion trends...I enjoyed denim overalls like the best of them and I love a good retro revival as much as the next fashion lover, but some trends just need to remain in the past. If you're not convinced, take a look at some of the biggest kids style trends throughout the years. Would you want to see any of these come back? We wouldn't ... and we think you'll agree.

Stirrup PantsStirrup Pants
1. Stirrup Pants
Even if Miley Cyrus tried to bring back the stirrup pant, this is a trend that doesn't need to reappear. Stirrups belong on horse riders and cattle wranglers - period.

Jelly ShoesJelly Shoes
2. Jelly Shoes
I remember one thing from these plastic shoes of the '80s/'90s: blisters. Although we've seen a few jelly shoe summer remakes pop up in recent years, jelly shoes aren't cute enough or comfortable enough to warrant a full-on second craze. I mean, who would want to wear plastic shoes nowadays?

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3. Crocs
... Oh, right. Well at least the comfort problem is solved - but not without seriously sacrificing style. While Crocs are still alive and well in 2011, the overwhelming Crocs Mania has thankfully died down. We clearly need to stop trying to perfect the plastic shoe.

4. Tamagotchis
Yes, I'm calling this a kids' fashion trend. Why? Because I remember kids clipping their tamagotchis to their overalls, and stringing them (along with their Giga Pets and Nano Babies) into necklaces.

5. Scrunchies
I think we can all agree the scrunchie had its time in the spotlight, never to return.

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Neon ClothesNeon Clothes
6. Neon Clothes
While neon had its moment this past summer, there's a whole lot of horrible kids fashion going on in this screenshot of Clarissa Explains It All. (Proof that neon trends should be turned off.)

Snap BraceletsSnap Bracelets
7. Snap Bracelets
If you remember snap bracelets, then you remember them being banned. But that's not why I'd rather side-step another snap-bracelet craze. It's because they're so ugly .

Shirt ClipsShirt Clips
8. Shirt Clips
Anyone who grew up in the '80s remembers the iconic shirt clips - and would rather not see them ever again.

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The Clueless PhaseThe Clueless Phase
9. The Clueless Phase
When Clueless came out in the mid-'90s, middle school and high school girls tried to emulate their mini skirt, knee-highs, and sweater vest looks. (Made even sexier by Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby video.) But the sexy school girl look is a little too sexy when it's actually on school girls.

The Blossom HatThe Blossom Hat
10. The Blossom Hat
I think of this flipped-hat-with-oversized-flower style as being characteristic of the early-'90s TV show Blossom, but it was seen all over the place. (Heck, I had a denim one as a kid.)

- By Michelle Horton

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