10 Reasons We Heart Katy Perry (Especially in Concert!)

Seventeen got to check out Katy Perry's NYC concert at Irving Plaza and all we can say is "Wow!" Check out the ten reasons we loved her show!

  1. Katy is really funny between sets. She told lots of stories, like how she was once embarrassed in front of her crush having to do the hokey pokey...and then she does the hokey pokey.
  2. She tosses huge inflated strawberries into the crowd for you to play with like beach balls.
  3. When one of the strawberries got stuck on the platform on the side of the stage, she climbed up there, over the giant speakers, to save it.
  4. She calls out the guys in the crowd who got dragged by their girlfriends and then makes fun of them making fun of her.
  5. "Waking Up in Vegas." Our favorite song off One of the Boys - and her next single!
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