10 Stars Under 40 Who've Had Way Too Much Plastic Surgery

SplashNewsSplashNewsI don't think many people will argue that Heidi Montag (above) looked better before her recent plastic surgery adventure. Now she looks a bit like Malibu Barbie. Plastic surgery so rarely stops at one procedure and is a gateway drug to scary! Here are 10 celebs under 40 who should have given the scalpel the finger.

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SplashNewsSplashNewsLil Kim was once a beautiful young rapper, and then came a boob job, nose job, cheek implants, liposuction, and skin lightening. Now she's a slightly less beautiful rapper.

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SplashNewsSplashNewsTori Spelling had a nose job and rather unfortunate breast implants, but Operation Boob Scare did help keep her famous even when she wasn't working.

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SplashNewsSplashNewsTara Reid was once an all-American cutie, but after a boob job and some scary liposuction, Tara's body resembled Donatella Versace's 54-year-old physique. She's since had corrective surgery and looks more her age.

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SplashNewsSplashNewsI didn't actually realize Megan Fox had any plastic surgery, but allegedly the young starlet's gotten breast augmentation, a nose job, and lip injections, which seems unfair since she was already too hot for her age.

SplashNewsSplashNewsFergie has denied the surgery rumors, but looking at old photos, it's pretty obvious that she's had work done, (maybe) including nose reconstruction, breast augmentation, an endoscopic forehead lift, and Botox.

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SplashNewsSplashNewsYou might remember Nikki Cox as the hot one from "Unhappily Ever After," or as Jay Mohr's wife. But after allegedly getting fat injections in her cheeks and way too many lip fillers, she's sadly got platypus mouth.

SplashNewsSplashNewsBritish model Katie Price (aka Jordan, pictured above) has gotten three breast augmentations, spending about $65,000 on surgery for her nose, breasts and teeth, or "gnashers" as she calls them. The 31-year-old looks at least 10 years older, which is appropriate, considering she once said, "I don't want to look 18 when I'm 60."

SplashNewsSplashNewsPorn star Jenna Jameson (above) decided to retire from porn, which also involved retiring her breast implants ... or at least downsizing them. She's also admited to having lip injections and vaginoplasty

SplashNewsSplashNewsI've totally forgotten what Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's old face looked like, but she was super cute before and after a nose job and rumored chin implants, dermal fillers, lip plumping, Botox, and a brow lift. Now she just looks a bit more like everyone else in Hollywood.

Post by: Olivia Allin