10 Things to Do with Old Bridesmaid Dresses

Because it's definitely so not true that you can shorten bridesmaids dresses and wear them later, we've compiled ten ways you can reuse them-and save yourself extra money at the same time!

1. Make Pillow Shams

Yes, really! Decorative throw pillows can cost upwards of $25, but you can trim your old dress down to slip over an existing pillow and boom!-a new facelift for your home at no cost!

2. Donate a Prom Dress
You can save your little sister, cousin, or neighbor around $300 by passing down your bridesmaid dress to her for her homecoming dance or prom! She can make the dress hers by adding crystal embellishments or a snazzy belt around her waist. Don't know a prom-goer? Check out Donate My Dress or The Princess Project to lend a hand to someone in need.

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3. Construct a Halloween Costume
Why spend around $50 at a costume store when you can tweak your bridesmaid dress into endless outfits? Consider shortening it to create a princess look or tearing up the hem to imitate a witch's dress.

4. Fashion New Curtains

Scarlett O'Hara had the right idea when she saw a connection between a dress and luxuriously draped curtains. Cover a small window with the skirt of your floor-length dress! If you don't have enough material for curtains, consider saving $20 by fashioning your dress into a window valence!

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5. Quilt a Baby Blanket
To get a head start on the bride's eventual baby shower gift, cut up square sections of your bridesmaid dress and quilt a baby blanket. The bride will treasure your meaningful present (that would have cost you upwards of $15 in stores) for years to come!

6. Cover a Photo Album
It would be easy to spend around $15 on a nice photo album in stores, but you can fashion a personalized album cover on your own from dress material for free! Load it up with pictures from the wedding and you've got a special keepsake to remember the good times for years to come!

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7. Sew a Skirt
While you certainly won't ever be able to wear your old bridesmaid dress in public as a dress again, why not chop off the top and sew yourself a new skirt (while saving around $25)? No one will know it was once attached to bows and pouffy sleeves!

8. Alter and Sell It
If you strip off the sleeves, sash, and other embellishments from your old dress, you may be able to pass it off as a simple, sleek strapless date-night look that's worth $20 or even more. Try selling it after alterations on eBay!

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9. Dress up Dinnertime
Make a table runner, tablecloth, chair cover, or cocktail napkins from your old frock and instantly revitalize your dining room! Invite the newlyweds over for a dinner party and see if they notice anything familiar!

10. Craft a Sash Belt

A long, thin strip of fabric from your old dress can pass as a sash belt when you tie it around your waist with a feminine bow. Accessorize dresses, blazers, and more!

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