10 Tummy-Slimming Styling Tricks

The secret to looking slender lies in shopping for the right pieces. We've got the best styles to keep in mind on your next trip to the mall!

Modcloth Style is Style Dress, $72.99; modcloth.com#1.Shop for an Empire Waist
This feminine ensemble has a fitted bodice that hits right below the bust and flows outward, camouflaging lumps beneath a flowy shape.

#2. Seek Structured Silhouettes
Ladies looking to still highlight their shape with a fitted frock should look for more structured pieces in thicker fabrics that keep everything in place. Avoid clingy, thin fabrics that reveal unwanted areas.

#3. Try a Peplum Style
This trendy look hides rounded spots right above your hips with a pulled-in waist, tight skirt, and extra fabric that flounces outward from the middle to cover pudgy sides

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#4. Emphasize Other Assets
Those looking for an ultra comfy solution should shop for sleeveless maxi dresses. The long piece's loose fit draws attention away from your center and up to your bare arms and shoulders instead.

#5. Belt a Chiffon Piece
The light feel of chiffon keeps trouble spots under wraps by not clinging to bumps and instead flowing over them. Top off the effect with a cinched belt wrapped around the tiniest part of your torso.

#6. Go for A-Line Looks
A-Line skirts and frocks add to the illusion of a smaller middle section by hugging the spot right under your rib cage and grazing outward, drawing eyes away from your tummy.

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#7. Work Magic with Stripes
Vertical stripes are a classic trick for elongating your body and minimizing the appearance of bulges solid colors might garner unwanted attention toward. Chevron stripes' inward angle draws eyes down the center, streamlining your torso.

#8. Hide Under High-Waisted Pants
Never worry about muffin tops spilling over your jeans when you opt for a high-waisted fit. Not only does it make legs appear longer, but firmly tucks your stomach away under its zipper.

#9. Whittle it with a Wrap Dress
The flattering shape of this lady-like style flatters any body size. The tie winding around your middle creates the look of a smaller waist, while the V-shaped neck draws eyes inward for extra effect.

#10. Spanx are your Friend
Don't be so quick to write off shapewear, it's the quickest trick to smoothing out lumps under clothes. Nowadays, some shapewear is designed to look like regular clothing, but with the same powerful, slimming construction.

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