10 New York Girls with Risk-Taking Style

My new favorite word is "lens lurkers." I learned it when I was in New York for Fashion Week (read my behind-the-scenes diary here). It's the word for a girl who shows up at Fashion Week wearing ridiculous clothes and hangs around outside of the tents, hoping to get her picture taken. I even saw a girl come thisclose to tripping while wearing nine-inch stilettos with a spiky toe. You can only imagine how entertaining that was.

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In fact, while everyone else was watching the fashion shows inside Lincoln Center, I spent hours one day outside the tents just watching these girls. And then, I pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures of the more risk-taking styles. They went beserk. (Warning: If you're ever in New York for Fashion Week and you've got a camera, you're going to get mobbed for attention.)

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While there were tons of fashionable girls to choose from, I narrowed it down to the best 20 looks I found. And from there, I picked my 10 favorites for this post. Check 'em out below:

Look no. 1: Wild Animal

Borni, 25, singer

What she loves about her outfit: "This is one of my favorite jackets (it's vintage). And I love the sheerness on this dress." -- Borni

Wear it yourself tip: To keep a flowy dress from being too girlie and unstructured, pair it with a cropped jacket that's more tailored. If you wanted to tame this look, you could always wear this outfit with black shoes -- but the leopard print shoes add an extra "oomph," that makes Borni stand out.

Look no. 2: Playing with Prints

Gabriella, 21, model

Her style vibe: Even with those tribal pants and awesome graphic blouse, she's got the whole Chanel-chic vibe going on. And she may be a model, but this look can work on any woman with any body type.

Wear it yourself tip: When you're learning how to mix and match prints, the key is to highlight your favorite body part with a piece that makes a loud statement, and wear a more subdued pattern on the part you want to hide. Then, top it off with a crisp blazer to pull your look together. Click here for more tips on mixing prints.

Look no. 3: Power of Pleats

Amy, 21, a student

Where she shops: "Since I'm in all black today, I knew I wanted a pop of color somewhere -- that's why I chose these bright blue shoes. My shoes are from Aldo, and my skirt is from H&M. I love the way this skirt falls -- and the pleats are really pretty, I think." -- Amy

Wear it yourself tip: If you love the color black, but you don't want to look like you're headed to a funeral, wear colorful shoes, accessories, or makeup to balance out your look. And the pleated skirt is a huge trend right now, but if you're going sheer on top, make sure you're wearing a cute bra or cami.

Look no. 4: Pretty in Pink

This girl was in a rush, but she let us snap a quick pic of her before she dashed off. I just loved her creative and colorful use of solids and patterns. And who can say no to a good statement necklace?

Look no. 5: Stings Like A Bee

Who: Stephanie, 22, fashion director for a styling company

Her fashion advice: "Have one good, fun piece that you love, and then you can wear basics around that. And your fun pieces don't have to be expensive. For example, my necklace is from H&M." -- Stephanie

Wear it yourself tip: Who says business-chic means boring? Keep the blazer, but ditch the stiff pencil skirt and wear something with more texture, like Stephanie's shredded skirt. And remember: it's the small details that give this classic look an edge -- everything from the spikes on her shoes to her cami's pop of color. .

Look no. 6: Hunting Territory

Miyuki, 27, student in NYC

What she's wearing: This is one girl who knows how to get your attention. Check out that patterned dress, burgundy nails, studded bracelet, and hat.

Wear it yourself tip: Look for one statement-making accessory that you can wear with pretty much anything. Whether you score it for cheap from a thrift store or get it from a high-end boutique, it'll give people something to focus on ... and that means tons of compliments.

Look no. 7: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Who: Lucia, 24, fashion designer for J. Mendell

What she's wearing: Blue glitter jeans, black patent pumps, and a feather vest? I love her already.

Wear it yourself tip: Even if your closet is already bursting at the seams with colored denim (like this), take it one step further and buy a pair with some coating on it, like wax or glitter. Then, completely break your texture boundaries by adding a fur vest or leather jacket.

Look no. 8: Nearly Nude

Erica, age 23, wardrobe stylist

Her style inspiration: "Right now, I'm loving all the sheer layers I'm seeing on the runways." -- Erica

Wear it yourself tip: If you want a cohesive look to your outfit, make sure one main color can be found in every piece you're wearing. For example, Erica lets her black collar peek out over a neutral-colored sweater and coat that have black accents (the dots and buttons). You can do this with bright colors, too.

Look no. 9: Portrait Perfect

Who: Allison, 29, buyer at Bloomingdale's for women's designers

Her go-to vibe: "I'm loving all of the color on the runways this week -- that's what inspired me to wear this red jacket today," she says. "Plaid is another big trend I think we'll see this spring." -- Allison

Wear it yourself tip: Here are two ways to stand out when you're shopping for a coat: Go oversized and look for a distinct detail, like a strange collar (Allison has on a portrait collar) or a detailed hem. It's the never-before-seen looks that make a statement.

Look no. 10: Librarian Chic

I didn't get this girl's name, but I just had to include her picture. She totally pulls off the "sexy librarian" look -- leather gloves and all -- which isn't easy.

Click here to see all of the street style looks I found at Fashion Week. And for all of the latest fashion news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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