12 Awesome Responses to Windsor Fashions’ "Boys Are Better Than Books" Shirt

Oh, yay! A shirt telling girls that boys are better than books. Because that's exactly the message we want to give our daughters, right?

Windsor Fashions is creating quite a buzz on the Internet for all the wrong reasons: selling a tank top that reads "boys are better than books." The store, whose target market is teen girls ("A prom dress is the most important purchase of the year!"), has yet to respond.

Ironically, the store also sells a shirt that says "I only date geeks." Do these designers actually know any geeks? Because most geeks I know don't date people who are proud of not reading.

Sigh. The only upside to this shirt is the bevy of great responses. Here are my faves, in no particular order:

1. "Nope." - Heather, commenter on Slice of Humble's Facebook page.

2. "Not even for killing spiders." - Jeanna, commenter on Slice of Humble's Facebook page.

3. "Clearly reading the wrong books." - @DrM_Yaorelius on Twitter.

4. "'Boys are better than books' t-shirt modelled in classroom as back to school clothing. Stay classy, Windsor Clothing." - @Tara_Moss on Twitter.

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5. "I'm almost certain you aren't letting a bunch of high school dropouts run your company, but it's cool that you're pushing the message that ignorance is cool on the next generation." - Amanda, commenter on Windsor Fashion's Facebook page.

6. "I'm so proud that my beautiful and smart teenage daughter wouldn't be caught dead in that…Off to read a good book now." - Heather, commenter on Windsor Fashion's Facebook page.

7. @Windsorstore Rejected t-shirt ideas: 'Boys are better than equal voting rights'. #rejectedwindsorstoretshirtideas - @BurtReynoldsISMG on Twitter

8. @windsorstore 'Boys are better than the autonomy necessary to wear this repulsive shirt' #rejectedwindsorstoretshirtideas - @jr0bin on Twitter

9. "HAHAHAH BOOKS ARE HARD UGH." - Rebecca Rey on Jezebel.

10. "Boys. They're better in books." - T-shirt by LitLogic on Zazzle.

11. "As a boy, I put forth that I am better than SOME books." - Tristan, commenter on We Know Memes.

12. This photo, which is suddenly and hilariously everywhere. (That girl's face is perfection.)

Photo credit: Windsor Fashions

-By Joslyn Gray

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