A $200 Chair for Your Purse -- Would You Buy It?

Things you can get for $199: A year's supply of drugstore makeup (these are the best ones); a Shark steam mop; four new Goodyear tires; and now, this: a chair designed solely for your purse.

It's true. For $199, you can buy the BagPed -- a stainless steel chair with a little shelf underneath for your bag. As someone who has minimal desk space at the office and hates having to put her purse on the floor, I kinda loved the idea. And for a hot second, I even considered buying it.

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Until I realized that for $199, I could buy a whole new bag that I would get more use out of (... or even an entire outfit, like this one). And it didn't solve my out-of-office problems. Like most women, I take my purse to restaurants, gas station bathrooms, and dive bars. I'm obviously not going to carry around a chair just to store my purse.

But here's what really put it all in perspective for me. These purse hooks let you hang your bag from the table or bar, and they're only $20. So, tell me: would YOU ever spend $200 on a chair for your purse?

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