3 Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay (And How to Wear Them)

Samantha Fairchild ArchiveFairchild ArchiveLevy, SELF magazine

When it all started, it was labelled a trend. We thought they were of-the-moment looks that would pass as quickly as the seasons. However, as spring gave way to summer and soon after came the fall, we saw these supposed "trends" appear time and time again, both on the catwalks and surely enough, in the pages of our very own magazine.

These looks have become timeless classics that season after season, we all still cannot seem to get enough of. So don't be shy when it comes to including these in looks in your every day beauty arsenal:

1. Rich red lips. As we reported last week, Dior chose this classic look in Paris at the Spring/Summer shows, reason enough to believe that, yet again, red lips are still a style "yes!" And the beauty of the red lip is you can wear the look anytime, day or night, and make a beautiful statement-- without going overboard. The key: Let (only) your lips do the talking. All other makeup can be a bit understated, giving full attention to your pretty peckers.

Fairchild ArchiveFairchild Archive2. Dark as night nails. If memory serves us right, it all started with the introduction of Essie's Wicked and the and the OPI favourite Lincoln Park After Dark many moons again. And while we thought the color had some staying power, little did we know it would spawn many a deep red, purple and black counterpart and create a never ending addiction to the dark, sexy nail. What appeared to be a fad has surely enough turned into a timeless tradition. Confused over what shade will work best for you? Check out the OPI color app and you'll have it all sorted before you hit the nail salon.

Fairchild ArchiveFairchild Archive3. The Pony--or the Pixie! The spring/summer shows proved yet again to be pony heavy. Loose, low, high, to the side, or filled with hair ties down the middle--choose your tail! If you've got the hair, we say go for it. Daytime or evening, the ponytail look is simple--which in turn, makes it sexy. Too short for a hair tie? The pixie cut is not only cute, but a look that has remained stylish since the time when Twiggy put the boyish but beautiful look on the map. The pixie cut can complement any face shape and be cut to fit your personality. No two pixies are alike! A bit terrified of taking the boyishly short plunge? Upload an image to SELF's Makeover Tool and give it a go--risk free!
What new beauty trends do you think have staying power? Pastel hair? Big brows?

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