3 Celeb-Endorsed Acne Products That Actually Work!

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The Kardashian trio has signed on to endorse a new skincare line launching this spring. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe claim PerfectSkin provided each of them with great results. All we know about the line, so far, is that it's a three step, "easy-to-use" system for all skin types.

Kim said, "I have literally tried everything out there and nothing even comes close to PerfectSkin." She also added, "it's easier and more effective than anything else I've tried, and they are the only skincare products I use."

Whether Kim is singing the product's praises because it actually works, or because she's legally obligated to-- we won't know until the line officially launches.

Until then, check out these other celebrity-endorsed acne products-- and let us know your favorites.


Proactiv is probably the most well-known of the celeb endorsed acne products on the market-- known for its mantra of "renew, revitalize, and repair." The dermatologist-created system has been backed by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy, and most recently, Julianne Hough. This trio of products definitely has one of the most recognizable infomercials ever, and it's said to produce amazing results for those struggling with persistent acne.

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Emma Roberts is Neutrogena's latest celeb endorser-- and the perfect teen for the job. Her gorgeous skin makes us want whatever product she's selling. The brand has also enrolled actress Hayden Panettiere to represent their latest launch, SkiniD. The acne regimen is touted as an acne solution that can be personalized for your exact skin type. The already successful product line was launched to compete with ProActiv.


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And finally, we have SensiClear. Although it's ProActiv's main competitor on the infomercial circuit, it's far less well known due to its dearth of celeb endorsements. Backed solely by Janice Dickinson, not many people seem to have taken note. As for the facts: it includes an ingredient called Retextra, claims to immediately unclog pores, and is said to produce 50 percent better results than Proactiv, within the first 3 days. But, if they're not paying someone like Jessica Simpson the big bucks to back it, how is the world ever supposed to know if it's good?

We're eagerly anticipating the Kardashian-endorsed PerfectSkin's launch so that we can put it through our own test trial. Until then, let us know-- which celeb-backed product do you think produces the best results?

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