The 3 Pieces of Lingerie that You Need (and Probably Don't Have!)

by Sophia Chabbott

I'm a huge fan of pretty little things. I'm talking about lingerie, ladies (never can have enough!). So, on the occasion of Fleur du Mal's pop-up shop opening in New York City today, Jennifer Zuccarini gave me the scoop on newest in underpinnings (she knows a thing or two about skivvies as the co-founder of Kiki de Montparnasse and former designer director at Victoria's Secret). Here, Jennifer identifies three pieces of lingerie that you need (and probably don't have yet)!

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1. A Structured Bodysuit:
Pick one that sucks you in, for added support, but also looks like a top!

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2. A Long-Line Bra: A long-line bra or bustier serves as a camisole for under sheer tops and, if you're daring enough, can serve as a top on its own. Very edgy!

3. Anything in Mint Green or Fuchsia: These have been some of our most popular colors for bras and underwear--believe it or not, they just work.

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